December 201

Happy holidays, friends and neighbors,

It's holiday time at the MoonHouse in beautiful 70 degree Austin, Texas.  December brings an annual show at the wonderful Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, the special lights and music that warm your spirit (and spirits) at Donn's Depot, a welcome chance to gather with family and friends, and  a serious amount of Christmas cheer.  We'll end the year, as we have for the last 13, performing right up till the stroke of midnight at Paul Barker's house concert in Austin. 

Thursday Dec. 20 - Donn's Depot special show with David Carroll and Lisa Pankratz 9 pm
Sunday, Dec. 23 - The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar with David Carroll and Paul Pearcy 8 pm
Monday, Christmas Eve - Special music at Trinity Methodist Church 5:30 pm
Monday, New Years Eve - Paul Barker's House Concert

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We get a kick every year out of watching a video Chris and his first spouse Gwen created of their young boys Sam and Casey reading "The Night Before Christmas" one verse a year over the course of 8 years.  The boys finally got old enough not to be embarrassed by its showing, and it's now a modern YouTube sensation.  You can hear their voices change, follow the growth spurts, and even track their taste in music by the t-shirts they chose on Christmas Eve.  We're happy to share it with you again this year.  Click the image and it will open in YouTube. here.  Happy holidays from Sam and Casey 33 and 30! 

Have a safe and happy holiday season.  Treasure your loved ones while you can.
Chris and Christine

December 2012
Full show schedule online here.
Dates, venues and times have been known to change.  Please call or check the venue's website to confirm.

Possibly the prelude to the end of the world....

Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Albert and Gage filling in for Murphy's In-laws! 
     with special guest drummer Lisa Pankratz!

     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336 

9-1 pm
Sun. Dec 23

Armadillo Christmas Bazaar - Austin, TX   afternoon show

Live music and art have made the original Armadillo Christmas Bazaar an iconic Austin event. Art fair and music festival rolled into one, it has long been the city’s favorite scene for holiday shopping, Austin style. With imaginative, handmade gifts and fine art that range from sophisticated to funky, the 2011 show will feature new talent and local legends.

8-11 pm
Mon. Dec 24

Christmas Eve Early Service at Trinity United Methodist Church
4001 Speedway - Austin, TX 78751  - 512-459-5835

All are welcome - truly a magical service; our dear friend Sid Hall is the pastor of this congregation...

service at 5:30 PM
Tues. Dec 25  

Sat. Dec 29 Chris plays with Jerry Jeff Walker - Galveston, TX
8 pm
Mon. Dec 31 Barker House Concerts - Austin, TX
     The 12 year tradition continues!
7:30 pm
Click here for an amazing Santa Claus (Ded Moroz, or Grandfather Frost in Russian) experience...the face of Grandfather Frost is made up of 1200 high resolution vintage Soviet Christmas cards.  After you click scroll down a bit and you can zoom in on any part of his face.

Chris became enamored with Grandfather Frost on a Roy Clark tour of the Soviet Union in 1988.

Read more on wikipedia. 

Grandfather Frost and his 3 stallions.

In case you missed it...
Here's a few links...just some stuff you may have missed as the world swiftly spins. 

  Video of Christine at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar in 1987
  Albert and Gage performing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" at the
           Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.  Click to watch.

A holiday glimpse into our living room

Coming up!   More shows and more details at our website

Jan 7, 14, 21 Christine at El Mercado with Sarah Elizabeth Campbell
Chris at Donn's Depot
Jan 2 Donn's Depot - First Wednesday
Jan 11 Waldo's Coffeehouse - Waco, TX
Jan 12 Second Saturday Concert Series - Houston, TX
Jan 19 Louisiana Hayride - Shreveport, LA
Jan 23-30 Belize with Jerry Jeff Walker

A note from Christine:   
 I love this photo of me with my big sister Susie. I have been flooded with childhood Christmas memories the last two days. We finally had a moment to get a tree and start decorating the house. Due to a very overloaded schedule, my frantic, stressed out self had decided that I would only bring out 1/3 of what we usually unpack from the red and green plastic bins. 
     But once I dove in, it didn't seem right to stop. It's not about the stuff - it's Chris's mom's handwriting on the box of 50's red velvet instrument ornaments she passed on to us; it's hearing my sister Linda's voice in my head "don't clump the icicles!"; it's the reindeer heads that hang on the edge of the bookcase every year (Chris named them Carson, Leno, Oprah and Letterman)...
     There is something grounding and comforting about returning to these rituals and memories. I loved it as a child and I still do. It's worth emptying 8 bins to deck the halls of the "old home place" on more time.
     Enjoy your own stuff and the memories that infuse it with love.
     Joyful Holidays to you,

PS And someone stop me if I ever wear houndstooth pants again. 

  And a blurb from Chris:
     The tree is trimmed, the biscotti is flying out the door, the cans of popcorn are making their way to all the helpers in our musical world, miss Chippy is outside while her new kitty nemesis Yoda is waking up to terrorize the ornaments that are dangling from a pine tree just for his pleasure, there's a wreath on the door from brother Mike (taking up a tradition that left us with the passing of our mom this June), there's a smoked salmon waiting to be sampled from my dad in Las Vegas, citrus from Christine's Florida family Rick and Terri, cookies from my brother Gary (Mom's recipe, I bet), there's eggnog and Brandy Alexanders in our near future, clam chowder that's excited to begin it's Christmas Eve bubbling, a new grandchild, Brody, who has yet to see the extra tall tree we picked out just to impress him, and there's just barely enough time to get it all prepared in time to actually enjoy the holidays. 
     The photo below is Christmas morning, 1965.  I was 11 years old and thrilled to come downstairs to find an electric guitar and amp, a spinet piano (that now resides in son Troupe's apartment and an electric bass the likes of which have never been seen before or since.  The instruments were plastered with stickers from Boldt's Music in Pierre, South Dakota. 
     Happy Holidays to you and yours.  See you at the gig.


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