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From George Jones and Tammy Wynette to Richard and Linda Thompson, male-female duets are one of popular music's most delightful permutations. And the Austin-based duo of Christine Albert & Chris Gage easily slot right in with the best. Their vocals intertwine like two passionate lovers - the two are a couple offstage as well - and their performances are an upbeat celebration of songs and the art of singing them. Albert's honey-drenched voice is one of the best in Austin, gracing everything from a CD-length salute to her Swiss-French roots to Bluebell Ice Cream ads. The South Dakota-bred Gage is a multi-instrumental wizard who has played with Roy Clark and Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and his rich tenor complements Albert's voice like a graceful bow. Their two CDs and stage shows include everything from memorable originals to choice cover material. An evening with the two is a fun and heartwarming experience in which music truly is the food of love.     Rob Patterson   /   Houston Press by    (October, 2001)

Albert and Gage Artist Bio

In Austin, Texas—a town overflowing with gifted singer/songwriters and guitar players—Christine Albert & Chris Gage have a long track record of making beautiful music together, although both musicians' individual pedigrees are far more extensive.  Over the course of six duet albums, the duo has demonstrated that disparate backgrounds do not preclude musical soul mates from finding one another.

The Houston Press noted, “From George Jones and Tammy Wynette to Richard and Linda Thompson, male-female duets are one of popular music's most delightful permutations.  And the Austin-based duo of Christine Albert and Chris Gage easily slot right in with the best.”

Onstage, Albert's slender, dark beauty contrasts strikingly with Gage's craggy good looks and how gracefully they complement each other is easily apparent.  In 2003 Albert and Gage released their first live recording, Albert and Gage at Anderson Fair.  Dirty Linen commented that the set, which is reflective of their typical live performances, had “energy, humor, really fine duet singing, strong leads, original harmonies, a strong sense of partnership, personality, and musicality” and Sing Out! called it “a cohesive and exciting exploration of the roots of popular, mostly American, music”. 

Gage is a journeyman musician and South Dakota native who literally began touring in a station wagon at age 15.  In the mid-Seventies and early Eighties he led the popular Midwestern country-swing Red Willow Band, whose reunion shows still draw thousands of devoted fans.  From there he graduated to an eight-year tenure on piano with guitar virtuoso and country star Roy Clark, which included appearances on Hee Haw, The Tonight Show and The Grand Ole Opry.  After moving to Austin in 1991, Gage began commuting to San Antonio to take the reins as musical director for the Fiesta Texas theme park.

But it was during (and following) his next incarnation, as bandleader for West Texas alt.-country singer/songwriter Jimmie Dale Gilmore, that he began to carve out his own place in the Austin scene as an in-demand session player, accompanist and producer.  It was with Gilmore that Christine first heard Chris play and in 1997 Albert & Gage was formed.  The duo later toured as an opening act for Gilmore and as members of his ensemble.

 Christine cut her musical teeth in northern New Mexico after moving west from her childhood home in upstate New York.  Along with old friend and fellow New Mexico chanteuse Eliza Gilkyson (whom she also cites as an early influence and inspiration), Albert relocated to Austin in 1982 and began to distinguish herself as a singer-songwriter in a town where the bar for such artists is set very high indeed.

Christine Albert's French grandmother lived in Paris and her mother was born in Switzerland, so perhaps it's inevitable that the occasional Edith Piaf song migrates into her sets of original material and carefully chosen covers.  She has recorded a series of acclaimed albums of lovely Franco-Lone Star fusion - Texafrance (1992), Texafrance-Encore (2003) and Paris, Texafrance (2008). 

Christine's latest release, "Everything's Beautiful Now" is an exploration into the richness of loss, and has been well received by critics and fans alike.  Everything's Beautiful Now were the last words spoken to Christine by her mother-in-law Darleen as she was making the final move towards the other side. Originals mix lovingly with soulful covers of Zevon, Browne and Texas faves Shake Russell and Dana Cooper. 

Christine released several other solo albums during the years before she met Chris, and had established a solid name on the Texas scene.  She was voted Female Vocalist of the Year in the Kerrville Music Awards poll and has appeared on Austin City Limits.  A longtime community activist, Albert is also cofounder/president of “Swan Songs”, a non-profit that fulfills musical last wishes by organizing private concerts for individuals with a terminal illness.  Ms. Albert currently serves as Chair of the National Board of Trustees of The Recording Academy. 

With the exception of 1997’s Jumpin’ Tracks, Albert and Gage’s albums have been recorded at their own MoonHouse Studio (a commercial facility in south Austin) and released on the artist owned MoonHouse Records.  Chris maintains a busy studio schedule and over the years they have expanded MoonHouse Records with Gage productions by Cowboy Johnson, Michael Austin and Abi Tapia.  Gage also plays lead guitar in Texas legend Jerry Jeff Walker’s band and is prominently featured on Walker’s latest CD, Moon Child; Christine also makes an appearance and sings a duet with Jerry Jeff of “San Antone Rose” by Susanna Clark.           

The duo’s most recent CD, Dakota Lullaby (2009), features twelve songs by an unheralded songwriter from South Dakota – Tom Peterson.  The CD landed in the top 40 on the Americana Music chart and the Top 20 on the EuroAmericana and US Folk-DJ charts.  FAME described it as “a pure, unadulterated labor of love…Albert & Gage, obviously on the same page at all times, blend voices effortlessly, fluctuating between smooth country and western swing like they were born to it.  Beneath those voices Gage placed a bang-up group of sidemen most musicians would kill for and handled production like the pro he has become.”     

Christine Albert and Chris Gage are well respected, seasoned music business veterans, but the joy they experience making music together is fresh and infectious.  “They can rock, boogie, swing, trot down country roads and stride down sophisticated boulevards and make it all sound as it should: like parts of a unified whole rather than a mishmash of different styles.  Albert and Gage have global class, musicality and charm.” (Houston Press)  You can’t ask for more than that. 

Christine Albert..."has it all: charm, authenticity, good material, true humility, beauty, talent, sex appeal, intelligence and on and on. A real class act."
Austin Chronicle / Austin, Texas


Chris Gage is a "...songwriter, singer, dobro player, ace guitarist, keyboard player, mandolin picker, and a generally electric powerhouse with inspiration to spare." Sweet Potato / Minneapolis, Minnesota

   Christine Albert has released five independent albums including the "TEXAFRANCE" trilogy, bilingual tributes to her European heritage and love of the French chanson.  Her 1995 CD, "Underneath The Lone Star Sky" on Antone's/dos Records, climbed into the top twenty on the national Americana radio chart. She has appeared on Austin City Limits and The Texas Connection, written and performed her own "Don't Mess With Texas" ad and was featured in the popular Bluebell Ice Cream television commercial.

   In 1996 Christine was voted female vocalist of the year at the Kerrville Music Awards. Originally from upstate New York and later Santa Fe, New Mexico, Christine moved to Austin, Texas in 1982. A committed community activist, she was Co-founder of the Austin Songwriters Group and has served on the board of The Texas Chapter of The Recording Academy and The Austin Rape Crisis Center.  Through her work on behalf of fellow sexual assault survivors, she has been a spokesperson for SafePlace and produced three successful fundraising concerts for the organization. 

   Christine is Co-founder/President of “Swan Songs”, a non-profit that fulfills musical last wishes by organizing private concerts for individuals with a terminal illness.  Ms. Albert also currently serves as Chair of the National Board of Trustees of The Recording Academy. 

   Christine hosts the wildly popular weekly Austin event "Mystery Monday" at El Mercado, where guests like Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock and Bill Kirchen are the norm.


   Chris Gage is a consummate musician, singing with strength and conviction while masterfully sparking the duo with hot guitar, piano and accordion. Originally from South Dakota, Chris was the founding member of the still beloved 1970’s Midwest country swing band, Red Willow Band. 

   After releasing two albums with Red Willow Band, he embarked on a lengthy stint as a sideman, moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma to play piano with Roy Clark for eight years, appearing on The Grand Ole Opry, The Tonight Show (Johnny Carson) and Hee Haw, as well as accompanying Clark on a 1988 tour of the Soviet Union. 

   Gage moved to Austin in the early 90’s, and after a brief theme park stint as musical director became band leader for Jimmie Dale Gilmore (playing guitar and piano) for three years, with performances on The Tonight Show (Jay Leno), Conan O’Brien, and at such esteemed venues as Carnegie Hall and The Royal Albert Hall.

   In 2011, the Texas Musician Association proclaimed Mr. Gage "Musician of the Year".

   An in-demand studio musician and producer, Gage produces the recordings of Albert and Gage as well as other artists, plays lead guitar with Texas legend Jerry Jeff Walker and hosts a popular Monday night hang at Donn's Depot in Austin, Texas as well as a weekly concert at Strange Brew Lounge Side Wednesdays at 6 pm.

CD REVIEWS     Click here for more

Dakota Lullaby (The Songs of Tom Peterson):

"The joyous side of love and the blue side, the thoughtful side, and the funny one, the crazy bits of friendship and the thought provoking ones, the quiet of a northern prairie night and the voices of those who made history there --- you meet all these ideas in Dakota Lullaby, the latest album from Christine Albert and Chris Gage. There are a dozen songs on the disc, varying in melody from swing to folk to country to blues, in tone from raucous to funny to reflective....."    read more     
     Kerry Dexter, Music Road  2009

"A labor of love, that is what this is. Pure, unadulterated labor of love. Prairie and plains might have something to do with the music, but Dakota Lullaby is all about the love: Tom Peterson's love of the Dakotas as well as Christine Albert and Chris Gage's love of song. Remember the phrase "love conquers all?" Well, if it didn't, Dakota Lullaby wouldn't exist. Does the fact that it does give credence to the phrase? For those who would like to think so, here is the story, Cliff's Notes-style."   read more
     Frank Gutch, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange 2009

Cry Love:

"There is an inevitable and welcome sweetness to the music of Christine Albert and Chris Gage, even when they choose to do a downer song.  The sweetness is in their beautiful harmonies and the obvious onstage chemistry.  Cry Love, their fifth duet CD in nine years, is a sort of gospel of love, looking at both fulfillment, loss, and yearning.  The duo wrote most of the dozen songs together, and do their own interpretations of John Hiatt’s “Cry Love”, Mickey Newbury’s “I Still Love You”, and Michael Austin’s “Before I Go”..."      read more
     Tom Geddie, Buddy Magazine

Burnin' Moonlight:

"Christine Albert and Chris Gage demonstrate the art of good album making so effortlessly on Burnin' Moonlight, it's a lesson to remember."
     Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle  ****

"Here's a couple unashamedly in love with their material, and the enthusiasm can't help but rub off on listeners."
     Michael Corcoran, Austin American Statesman  ***

"When I sat down to listen to ‘Burnin’ Moonlight’ the first thing that came to my mind was that Albert and Gage sing their songs from the heart.   Pure and simple, straight from the heart of Texas."
     J.D. Rose, Program Director   KFAN Radio, Fredericksburg, TX

"Always interesting harmonies, inventive musicianship, and thoughtful writing, sparked with a dash of fun, make this one worth investigation for acoustic music and singer/songwriter fans."
     Dirty Linen (December 2001)     more reviews

Jumpin' Tracks:

"Jumpin' Tracks... is one the best local releases of the year"
     Michael Corcoran, Austin American Statesman

"Albert and Gage comprise one of the smartest local pairings on record"
     Christopher Hess.....Austin Chronicle

"Together, they're electrifying."
     John Conquest...Third Coast Music     more reviews

TexaFrance-Encore!   *** 

"It's no coincidence this album came out around Valentine's Day, because its beauty is not just in the music, but in its sheer romantic atmosphere, the kind you need no partner to enjoy." 
     Austin Chronicle,   February 21, 2003   by Margaret Moser

"A sequel to Albert’s 1992 release, TexaFrance, TexaFrance-Encore! is a musical and romantic tribute to Christine Albert’s and Chris Gage’s sizeable and truly enjoyable talent."
     New Texas Magazine, February 2003 by Lynne Thompson     more reviews


     "What a fantastic time everyone had at our recent house concert with Albert and Gage.  Christine's exquisite voice, coupled with Chris' masterful guitar playing, left everyone breathless.  Their harmonies made the rafters in our home ring like never before.  On top of it all, their song selection, a mixture of originals and well-chosen covers, included something for everyone.  A night that we, and our guests, will never forget!"
     Arlene and Mark Klemow  /   Split Level House Concerts  Scotch Plains, NJ  July, 2001

     "Albert and Gage drew a record crowd to our acoustic concert series, and proceeded to put on a high-voltage, crowd-pleasing performance. Country, rock, blues, folk, French torch - it didn't matter. They nailed 'em all. Christine Albert alone is a singer-songwriter of no small talent - just look at the awards she's earned. Put her together with Chris Gage - a powerhouse in his own right - and you have a duo that's just about unstoppable! I can't speak for Chris - I didn't know him beforehand - but I've been watching Christine's musical evolution over the past five years, and teaming up with Chris has highlighted her already-considerable talent. You can't go wrong with a pair of aces like these."
     Bill James  /  Belton Texas Acoustic Concert Series

     "Albert and Gage are individually very talented singer songwriters and together they are a power house of folk rock. Our audience was amazed at the talent.  Christine Albert and Chris Gage are not to be missed.   The house rocked...and the piano is still smoking. They'll rock you, soothe you and make you want for more."
     Glen Duckett   /   "Flowers in the Desert" - House Concerts, Brenham, Texas.

A blend of voices equals one soulful show.
     "This folk/country duo have created a harmonic sound with original and compelling performances that are hard to match.  Chris Gage and Christine Albert are an electrifying pair who offer a range of music from country and folk to rock and the blues.  Employing a bouquet of instruments - from pianos to acoustic guitars - the duo leave show goers rocking one minute, then sitting back and taking it easy the next.  The Austin-based singer-songwriters (who are a couple both on and off the stage) are often compared to other primo country pairs such as George Jones and Tammy Wynette.  Albert and Gage have a portfolio of awards and a resume filled with media appearances and tours." 
     Lindsey Rausch


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